Are you tired of working for another commission?

Are you interested in building TRUE WEALTH?

Real Estate Professionals are rarely focused on creating THEIR Wealth. If you’re a real estate entrepreneur, personal finance is not about the hustle to get another listing and then handing your money over to the market, or putting it in a retirement plan, and hoping it works out. You have an unfair advantage with more market knowledge, more access, and more control than any other investment opportunity. If real estate was a publicly-traded company, your knowledge and access would be considered insider trading. Rather than exclusively focusing on the service aspect of the real estate industry, it is time to focus on building your independent financial future!

Get to Know Brett Tanner.

As a leader, innovator, investor, and top-selling real estate agent, Brett Tanner blends a unique marketing methodology with a result-driven approach for today’s real estate market.

Brett’s real estate team is ranked #9 in the country by the Wall Street Journal and comprises 40 team members that have sold over 5000 homes. He has sold over 100 investment transactions in 2020 and has completed over 500 real estate flip and wholesale transactions totaling over $1 billion worth of real estate.

Brett’s success in real estate transactions and investments has propelled him to many more opportunities. His passion for excellence and desire to enhance the client experience, has promoted him to build and lead multiple business ventures within the real estate industry. Brett’s clear direct vision to control the entire real estate transactional experience, has promoted not only a seamless opportunity for his agents and clients, it has proven to be an excellent model to optimize profitability within all verticals. Brett’s methodology for wealth building has most recently transcended beyond the real estate transaction itself, and created tremendous passive wealth stream income through lending.

Today Brett’s expertise has transcended the real estate industry. Brett is sought after as a national speaker and visionary across multiple industries in entrepreneurial business growth and leadership.

How it Works

Net Worth Builders in partnership with Tanner Capital Holdings provides custom support options to navigate your personal business needs.  NWB gathers all the pieces of your financial puzzle together under one unified plan.  We work together to optimize your operating real estate business efficiencies and profitabilities while leveraging your opportunities to focus on wealth creation and risk mitigation.  We call this Net Worth Building!

  • Areas of focus:
    • Evaluate and Increase Efficiencies within your existing Real Estate Operational Business
    • Establish Additional Lanes of Transactional Revenue, monetizing the entire opportunity 
    • Business Financials Analysis
    • Wholesale Business Training
    • Internal Acquisition Training
    • Private Banking Training
    • Personal Finances Evaluation and Planning
    • Business and Personal Risk Mitigation
    • Implementing and Optimizing Retirement Vehicles for Investments
    • Asset Management and Opportunity Analysis Structures

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